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Customized approach to your business needs

Fractional CFO services have gained popularity in recent years because of the value they provide for smaller businesses that cannot afford a full time CFO.

Empathy-driven approach

We start our partnership, by listening, asking smart questions and arriving at the answer together.


It’s a crucial first step in realizing your business goals, and without it, you’d be hard pressed to accomplish much of anything at all.

Pentacle CFO services

Tailored CFO Solutions from Experts to Support Your Business Growth at Every Stage

Strategic financial planning and advice

Regardless of where you stand with your current business, strategic financial planning can help you get intentional about where you want to be and it gives you a path to get there.

Establish a solid financial foundation for your business

As you focus on growing your business, we will help you establish a strong financial foundation so that growth can be sustainable, avoiding unnecessary financial risk.

Ongoing CFO Support

We can help your company with Cash Flow Management, Budgeting and Forecasting, Performance tracking and analysis and Financial Operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Transitions Support

Development of an acquisition strategy and identification of acquisition targets, Due diligence and deal negotiation, Integration Support & Exit Planning

Why choose
Pentacle CFO

Designing strategies is a the heart of what we do, but implementing those strategies to improve performance and meet, better yet, exceed your business needs? We believe that’s the hardest part, and it’s where we are at our best.
Hardwired to deliver measurable, sustainable impact, we work to create tailored solutions based on your business needs. After all, companies that have a full time CFO on staff expect from that CFO to address business issues based on evolving needs of the business, and you should get the same treatment from a Fractional CFO.

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